Who is Gabrielle Ortega?

A world traveled artist. She was born and raised in Cuba, spent her teen years in South Africa and completed tertiary education in Vancouver, Canada after graduating from the Vancouver Film School. She currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her girlfriend and daughter. She (Gabrielle) is a proud transgender woman and often enjoys depicting her struggles and triumphs in her work. 

Who is Jugganaut (Jugg)?

A complex concept; It was born as an internet nickname adopted by Gabrielle that soon took a life of its own. It is the driving force that allows Gabrielle to carry out her life and transition, it is also her deep depression that brings darkness to her world on gloomy days. Both a blessing and a curse Jugganaut lives inside Gabrielle and is there to stay whether she likes it or not. “Jugg” is also representative of Gabrielle’s art and is often the signature that she uses when finishing off a piece.

What is Megatheria?

Megatheria is a universe started by Gabrielle during her studies at VFS. It is one that she uses as an exaggerated metaphor (within a fantasy realm) of her own life. Topics and themes that have been a part of Gabrielle’s life experiences; such as physical pain, surgery, love, hate & transgenderism amongst others are all explored within the Megatheria storyline and its characters. Megatheria is also the name of a collective of fictional islands largely inspired by the Caribbean.