22 July 2018

This past week I had it in my mind that I wanted to tell the story of Kito. A Megatherian character that I stumbled on by accident. I began repurposing an old unfinished painting and a gold spewing android came out the other end. I decided to tell the story in a comic book format. The main Megatherian storyline focuses on Kanak “Of the Golden Eyes” and I wanted to keep the story of Kito separate from that; it will act like a type of prequel to a much greater story. I spent most of the week thinking about the Kito story, writing and pulling events from my mind to use on this. I think the final outcome will be really cool. The downside is that I’m not sure how frequent I’ll be able to post pages from the comic since I currently have a lot going on in my life. At one point the goal will be to just focus on RenzFilmProject.Com and work for myself but the time for that has not yet arrived. I still have many dues to pay. 

In other news I found a plastic surgeon that can help me out with the big procedures that I have planned. Thing is I’m not sure what he’s comfortable doing; I really want my boobs done but I think he might put a stopper on that idea and suggest I do some fat transplant stuff first. The same thing with the medical aesthetic doctor that’s working on my cheek fillers; he might put a stopper on putting more collagen into my face. The thing they don’t show you on the plastic surgery shows is that not all aesthetic doctors are comfortable giving their patients an “over the top” look. The thing is that I don’t want that, I just want to look more feminine; at times I have to remind myself to be patient, to let the estrogen work it’s magic and decide on what I want done a couple years down the line. As you can imagine that’s harder said than done because when you want something really bad you become impatient and that leads to mistakes. I guess I just have to listen to my own advice and take it easy. So my girlfriend is flying down from Chile on the 2nd of August and I cannot wait, we’re so compatible it’s not even funny. Also she makes me feel like a woman. To me that means everything. She’s a very dominant lesbian and it’s definitely a first for me, I’ve never dated anyone like her before. When she tells me that I’m sexy or the things she wants to do to me it gives me butterflies in the pit of my stomach. It’s an awesome feeling and I can’t get enough of it. When she arrives over here we’re gonna spend two weeks together where I plan to make a short video just talking about how we met and the crazy circumstances that led to us finally being together. Stay tuned for that!