29 September 2018

These past few weeks in the life of Gabrielle have been quite eventful, for one I am feeling much better now than I was a couple of weeks ago. I’ve healed nicely from my surgery and the only remnant left from that horrible experience mentioned on the 16th of September edition of Weekly Happenings is a tiny scar on my left trapezius-muscle area. 

I went to see my speech therapist yesterday and we worked on a couple of exercises that were focused on control. A big part of learning to control what your vocal cords do is being able to tell what level they are on as you’re speaking. I won’t get into specifics about pitch and tone but it’s basically all about the numbers. We (my therapist and I) use an application that records my voice and measures the minimum and maximum values of its pitch, it then calculates the average of that amount and gives out a value. The average value for a feminine voice is roughly from 190 - 220hz. At the moment I can average out around 250 - 280hz, those are awesome numbers, I just need to learn to maintain those values for long periods of time. I basically have to learn how to speak like a woman for entire days and that is a massive challenge. It is a challenge that I am willing to take and I foresee that a year from now I will have full control of my vocal chords if I keep going the way that I’m going. 

In other news I’ve been having a lot of fun with a project I call 1Hour Portraits, the concept is simple; I get a client to send me a photo of theirs, they can opt to have me add accessories or make up, big hair etc. to their image and I construct a caricature from all of that for them. These take me about an hour to construct and I’ve been charging around $10-$15 each. They’re a lot of fun to create and I’ve been getting really positive feedback from them. The idea is to continue making personalized content for clients, to go down that rabbit hole and see where it takes me. This coming week I will take sometime to write for Kito’s Story, I feel like page 02 of that web comic series has been long over due and I love creating content for Megatheria. It’s a passion project of mine and one that allows me to be as creative as possible within the fantasy / horror genre. 

Finally I’m all set to have the orchiectomy procedure done in November. I really can’t wait to get it done and see the results that will come from that. Apparently my voice won’t be affected at all once I get it done but the rest of my body will be. Without testicles I will no longer produce testosterone and everything from the softness of my skin to the fat placement on my body and face will change. Feminization will be made easier and the plus side to that will be that I will no longer need to take testosterone blockers, which have been fucking up my insides. There have been positive things all around lately and I have very little to complain about, just things to look forward to. That is a great space to be in. Keep an eye out for Page 02 of Kito’s Story!

Please feel free to interact with me by sending me a DM on my Instagram. I love chatting about whatever; art, transition, life, monsters, cartoons, wrestling. . . Until next time kiddos!